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An artist should spend his time creating his music and should be focused to give the best shows. But to achieve that he has to count on the cooperation of a professional assistant, because their growth will be easier, safer and much more fluid.

Leave in our hands your flight & hotel reservations, the next tour planning, your transportation and the negotiation for your next concerts. If you are looking for a agent in Europe you are in the right place! Consult our Packs (per project or per hour).


Studies have shown that the influence and popularity of an artist depends on a large extent, on its image because when people don’t know an artist, they usually judge their music from the cover of their album or his/her public image. For that reason, the public image is the most important thing for an artist, this is the difference between the amateur musician and the musician who has already decided to prove the world his talent!

We want to turn your music into an amazing something that people can see, that will open new horizons and will attract more public, so stop taking photos with your mobile phone and contact us today!



Releasing your new album or promoting your next concerts is not an easy task. We would like to work with you and turn your project into a viral promotional video.