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The new Video of the Greek Power Metallers Rhodium

News / No Comment / 2 octubre, 2019

Delirio is the first track of the upcoming album of Rhodium entitled “Sea of the dead”, which is scheduled to be released by Sliptrik records this fall. Production, mixing and mastering was the work of Dionisis Christodoulatos and Nasos Nomikos respectively.

Rhodium is a heavy metal band from Athens Greece with Mike Livas on vocals, Lucas Wolve and Sergio Tellis on guitars, and Stelios Pavlou on drums. The band manages to craft a mix of modern heavy metal sounds, and memorable melodies, where the centerpiece is the powerful progressive guitar breaks and imposing vocal melodies. Aspa Feanor composed the lyrics and also wrote the script of the video which is based on real life events. With this song Rhodium are trying to break down the barriers which society raises to mental patients and try to convey a message that we should all as society be more supportive to them.


Enjoy Delirio at your own risk!

Video Credits: Director: Christine Papandreou; Assistan Director, camera: Costas Katsiaboulas Assistan; Director of Photography: Antonis Taniskidis Script; make up: Aspa Feanor.
Actors: Marina Mastoraki Alexandra Alexiou Aireloth Jovanna Spiliou Aspa Feanor Lucas Wolve Sergio Tellis Thodoris Martinis Napoleon Gouvis









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